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British GT 1993

( BRDC National Sports GT Challenge )

Final Standings : 1st  JOHN GREASLEY ( Class C ) 33 Points , 2nd NIGEL BARRETT ( B ) 25 pts , 3rd ROSS HYETT ( C ) 18 PTS ,

 4th CHARLIE  COX ( A ) , Ford Escort RS , 14 pts , GERRY MARSHALL ( C ) 9 pts                  

The Table below shows when each new car debuted the series , as far as i know , even if it was just a one-off appearance

The inaurgural British GT season took a while to build into what the organisers had envisaged. The Porsche fraternety formed the backbone of the grid that initial season having kicked off at Donington with all 15 starters being of that marque.A utosport Magazine reported ` The all-Porsche field was small but high on quality . The 20-lap sparring session between Greasley , Hyett , Jonathan Baker`s gorgeous 934 and Nigel Barrett`s Carrera 2rs was entertaining`. Undaunted BRDC Competions manager Chris Norman stated ` The BRDC will persevere with it , because it is convinced this is the long-term future of sportscar racing`.

The class of the field all season were the pair of beautiful G-Force Porsche 935 K3 turbos with up to 700-odd bhp on tap , driven by John Greasley and Ross Hyett. Other Porsches in the main class C were Bakers 934 , Gavin Mortimers `flat-nose` 911 and Mike Burtt`s 450-bhp 930 all also prepared by G-Force Motorsport.

 In the class below , B , Nigel Barrett won the class in 5 of the 8 rounds driving `Exclusivley Nine`s 400-bhp Supercharged 911 . Blown from the standard 295 bhp the machine was limited too 400 by a 45mm restrictor for the FIA GT Cup . Ther extra weight in cars tail , with its massive intercoler `made the car very hairy to drive on the limit.. i had to use every ounce of my skill just to keep the car on track`Barrett explained for a feature for `911 & Porsche World` Magazine.

In the third class , A , the Ford Escort Cosworths from the National Saloon Car Cup series were the dominant marque. Future BTCC and Moto GP commentator Aussie Charlie Cox would win that division.

Variety came in many guises , 70`s Mod-saloon Legend Gerry Marshall won round 7 in a 562 bhp Group C-engined Marsh Plant Aston Martin V8 from the AMOC Inter-Marque series. The faster modified Morgan plus-8 guys joined class A as did a Sierra from the excellent Thundersaloons series . There were even two Chevy V8 powered cars from the `Charbault Champagne SportsCar`series for 50`s/60`s replicas in the form of Dax Tojiero Cobra and Heritage Lister`knobbly` replica. At times the races resembled `the best of British club racing`but in fact the BRDC had created a competitve racing environment for Britains exploding GT scene and the more serious entries started to appear.

TWR gave the new Jaguar XJ220 supercar its UK debut at round 2 , a week ahead of the teams Le Mans test day. The very capable Win Percy taking victory by a huge 1 min 40 seconds running in Class D for FIA cars. Three such cars ran in the 24 hour race that summer . Ferrari appeared for the first time in the beautiful shape of a pair of F40s brought over from the Dutch series , at Brands Hatch. Hugh Chamberlain gave Lotus its series debut in round 8 with a pair of his Esprit S300s that had run at Le Mans and Suzuka. `Martin Donnelly won the hearts of the Silverstone crowd on finals day with a fighting return to racing` reported Autosport as the ex-Grand Prix ace made his racing return after his huge accident in 1990. The Irishman had broken both legs when his Lotus F1 crashed at Jerez. Donnelly would finish 3rd behind teammate Thorkild Thyrring and race winner and indeed 1993 champion John Greasley.

Round 2 - Silverstone : Win Percy debuts the Jaguar XJ22 against the British GT regulars