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GT Racecar A to Z -  

De Tomaso


( Raced in IMSA GTO 1973/74 )

 ENGINE : FORD V8 4727cc


 Number Built : approx 400 ( 1967-72 )

 Aggressive Giugaro/ Ghia styled 2-seater

 sports car and De Tomaso`s first

 production car. Fords 4.7 litre V8 as found

 in so many performance cars was accessed

 through its gullwing rear bonnet windows.

 With no factory race versions the only one

 of note to race was in IMSA GTO races by

 Max Sebba and then Bob McGraw in 1973

 and 1974 without success. Shame as this

 brute of a car deserved more racing history


Raced in : British GT  ( 1994-97 / 5 wins )

              some BPR GT rounds

( 1995 British GT Championship winning car )

 ENGINE : Ford V8 Cylinders

 POWER : approx 500 BHP

 As a production swansong De Tomaso made a

 final model in 1994 ,the `200` (see video)

 Likewise a racing swansong occured when

 ADA Engineering debuted the Pantera in

 the British GT at Oulton Park. Andy Wallace

 set pole and finished 2nd after a pheasant

 broke the windscreen !

 1995 was a good season for the car, chassis

 9628 , Wallace and Thorkild Thyrring ran

 3 rounds of the fast growing BPR Series.

 In the British GT Thyrring made the podium

 in 10 of the 12 rounds , winning 5 outright

 to take the GT1 title.

 The car tried to qualify for Le Mans 1996

 but just missed the cut in a reduced

 programme. Returning , now yellow and run

 by Superpower Racing, Thyrring and

 Christian Vann did 7 rounds of the British

 GT series , with a best finish of 2nd place.





 Raced : World Championship of Makes

           Italian GT ( late 70s /early 80s )



 As GT racing changed during the 70s the

 faster Panteras had to aswell to keep up

 with the dominence of Porsche.

 In 1979 after an abscence at Le Mans Carlo                                                Pietromarchi

 brought De Tomaso back but now the car

 sported huge wide arches and spoilers in

 its beefed up Group 5 guise. This car by

 1983 had been modified beyond

 recognition and ran as a Group C car.


 Raced : World Sports Cars ( 1970s )

 Engine : FORD V8 5763cc

 Power :

 Number Built : 7260 ( 1971-94 )

 With its sleek Italian body and robust Ford

 V8 the Pantera was a commercial success

 for such an sports car , many going exported

 to ther USA. The Pantera ( Panther ) had a

 very long race career , most noticably at

 the start with 4 cars at the 1972 LeMans

 24 hours through to its return in 1995 with

 the ADA car.The initial batch of Group 4

 homologated race cars featured strongly in

 1972/73. Most retained the pure bodylines

 and Herbert Muller even led the Monza

 1000kms for a while when the prototypes

 were slowed by the rain.

DeTOMASO1 DeTomasoPantera DeTomasoMangusta



Pantera ( Group 4 )

Pantera ( Group 5 )

Pantera ( GT1 )