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 Raced in British GT 2011 -

 Engine : 3700cc FORD DURATEC V6 Cylinders

 Power : 380 BHP in Cup tune

 Numbers Built :

 Debuted in the British GT series in 2011 but

 this time in the top class , GT3. Averaged 3 cars                         per race and the Century

 Motorsports car recorded the best finish with a   3rd at Rockingham.

 The G55 Cup one-make series supported the 2011 British Touring Car race package


Ginetta G55  ( GT3 )

Ginetta G4


 Raced in British , European and world GT/Sports

 event of the 1960s

 Engine : 4 Cylinder Ford 997cc / 1498cc

 Numbers Built : approx 390 ( 1961-68 )

 First internationaly competitive Ginetta , raced

 usually as in Sports or Prototype class but in fact

 nearly 400 units were sold. This agile handling ,

 space-frame 2-seater was sold in kit-form with

 Ford mechanicals.

 Works car ran at Sebring 1965 and J.H.Blades

 car at Nurburgring 1000 in`66. Later G4s were

 formidable UK Modsport racers.

 Thats far from the end of the G4 story though as Auto Express Magazine road tested the revival G4.

 Now with Ford Zetec 1.8 power the little coupe    had become a cult hit in Japan with some 200  units exported as Japan embraced a trend for   retro British styling. A 0-60 time of only 5.5 seconds from the 158 bhp car and `you sit just four inches from the road increases the sense of speed`made for an entertaining experience like most Ginettas in fact.

Ginetta G15


 Raced in British Prodsport races of the 1970s

 Engine : 4 Cylinder Hillman Imp 875cc

 Power : 55 [email protected] in standard Imp form

 Numbers Built : approx 796 ( 1967-74 )

 Commercially succesful kit-car with nearly 800

 units sold. Imp engine ahead of the back-axle

 gave good handling.

 No international races but G15s twice won the

 BRSCC Production Sports title David Beams in

 1977 and Alison Davies in 1979.Autosports 1976

 `Production Cars in Competition` supplement wrote

 `Fortunatly enough were made to get it included

 in Prodsports...the main car to contest the series

 is David Beams whose engine is prepared by well

 known Imp tuners Greetham , and on tight circuits

 Beams has little disadvantage on the class leading

 Morgans and TVRs although on longer circuits that

 power disadvantage tells fairly drastically.The

 handling is excellent with the rear mounted engine

 and presents few problems`

Ginetta G20 ( G20 GTR )


 Raced in British GT  Championship 2006 + 2007

 Ginetta Junior Championship 2003-09

 Engine : 1800cc Ford Zetec 4 Cylinders

 The origional G20 , a mid-engined car , was

 scrapped before production back in the 70s.So     confusingly the G20 made it to the tracks

 for the 2006/07 British GTs when Richmond

 Racing ran one of the classically-styled coupes

 for Nick Marsh and Richard Hollebon in the

 Cup class ( GTC ).

 The G20 was the car used n Ginettas Junior

 one-make Championship which started in 2003 , in open

 versions ( pictured left ).

Ginetta G40


 Raced in Britcar Championship 2006 + 2007

 Ginetta Junior Championship 2010-

 Engine : 1800cc FORD Zetec 4 Cylinders

 The G40 replaed the G20 in the one-make

 Junior Championship series for 2010.

 A few also ran in the Britcar series and a

 works-backed car showed its durability by

 winning its class in the Silverstone 24 hours in


Ginetta G50

 GINETTA G50  ( GT4 )

 Raced in Brit GT Championship 2008-11 ,Euro

 G4 ( 2009-11 ) ,Britcar , Belcar , Spanish GT,

 Italian GT , Brazilian GT , Dutch GT , etc

 Engine : 3500cc FORD DURATEC V6 Cylinders

 Power : 300 BHP in Cup tune

 Since its debut in Sep 2007 the G50 has been

 Ginettas most commercially succesful racer in

 this GT4 guise. Six cars in its first full year in

 Brit GT , recording several class wins in next 4


 The G50 Cup one-make series supported the Brit GT

 series in 2008 , BTCC in 2009, 2010.

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