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 COUNTACH 25th Aniversary ( 1988 )

 658 out of a total of 2042 ( 1974-90 )

 Raced in Japanese GT 1994

 ENGINE : V12 Cylinders - 5167 cc

 POWER : 455 BHP ( road version )

 WEIGHT : 1489 kgs ( road )

 TOP SPEED : 179 mph

 This hugely iconic supercar of the 70s and

 80s had actually ceased production when one

 finally took to the tracks in 1994. Kenwolf

 ran a yellow `Rain-X `sponsored 25th

 Anniversary model in at least 5 rounds in the

 All-Japan GT series for Satoshi Ikezawa and

 Takao Wada. Best finish was 10th.

 To view a photo of the actual car click link





Although Lamborghini created the worlds first real supercar , the beautiful Miura and followed it with the awesome pin-up supercar that was the Countach you were a lucky man to actually have seen either one race ! Thankfuuly the modern age Lambos have finally got onto the race tracks of the world...

 MIURA  P400 s ( 1970 )

 764 built 1966 to 1972

 ( Raced in French Sports/GT 1971 )

 Engine : V12 cylinder - 3929 cc 

 Power : 370 BHP  ( road version )

 Weight : 1299 kgs  ( road )

 Top Speed : 173 mph

 Thierry Gore raced his apparantly Targa-topped

 Miura in 4 races in French sports car races  in 1971 ,

 see full race history.

 Lambo Engineer Bob Wallace built a race

 version called Jota but the entry to top

 flight GT racing didnt emerge and the

 project remains the great `what could have

 been` to racing Aficionados.







( Raced in FIA GT 2004-08 ( R ), 2009-10 ( R-SV )

All Japan GT 2004- 09 , Le Mans 24 hrs ( 2006 ,07, 08, 09 )

FIA GT WINS :  5     ( 1 for `R` + 4 for `R-SV`)

 PRODUCTION :  4099 ( 2001-10 )

ENGINE : Lamborghini V12 5998 cc ( R ) , 6500 cc ( R-SV )



TOP SPEED :  195.6 MPH ( Le Mans 2008 )

The replacement for the Diablo was launched in 2001 and the

first new design since the company had been aquired by Audi.

Racing debut by Reiter Engineering in April 2004 with

chassis 001 to 3rd at Valencia , the `R`spec cars best finish

in FIA GT. Reiter ran 5 rounds in 2005 but only made 8th

as best finish. In 2008 Reiter joined forces with Spartak

racing for the FIA season and had 3 top 10 finishes along with

Rusinov , Kox and Hezemans unclassifed at the Le Mans 24.

Also in the FIA series were DAMS , running 2 cars at 4 races

in 2004 , B-RACING had a best finish of 6th in 4 races in

2006 and the ALL-INKL.COM team a best of 8th in 4 aswell.

2007 at last saw improvement as the ALL-INKL crew of

Bouchut and Mucke won the FIA Zhuhai 2 hour race and along

with the Reiter crew shared 9 top 10 finishes between them

during the season.

In the US the KROHN-BARBOUR team ran 2 cars at 7

rounds in the American Le Mans series in 2004 with a best of

7th. In Japan the JLOC team ( Japanese Lamborghini Owners

Club ) consistantly ran 2 cars through 2004 to 2009 despite

the cars being outclassed against the factory rival entries. A

3rd place in 2006 was by far its best championship finish but

the team , who featured Italian Marco Apicella , ran at Le

Mans 3 times. Not classified in 2006 , retired in both 2007

and 2009 but galantly flying the flag at the famous race.

The launch of the 6.5 litre R-SV model gave at last some

race wins in the final 2 seasons. Reiter`s black `Blancpain

sponsored Car won at both Spa and Navarra in FIA GT for

Zonta and Kechele in 2010. Then the All-Inkl team shared a

win at Zolder ( Basseng + Winklehock ) and at Navarra

( Schumager + Pastorelli ) to complete the cars racing career.


Murcielago R / R-SV


Rare enough seeing just one of these wonderful creatures so imagine my delight when I popped my head round the back of Ferrari dealer Graypaul Motors in Loughbrough one morning in the late 80`s and spotted two Miuras. Luckily I had my camera with me to capture the moment.

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