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( Raced in World Championship of Makes )

 ENGINE :  Ferrari Dino V6 Cylinders 2418cc

POWER :  190 BHP  ( 1973 ), 240 ( 1975 )

rising to 260 with Kugelfischer injection and

270 BHP with the 24-valve engines



When the Stratos made its dramatic GT debut on

the 1973 Targa Florio not enough road cars had

been produced to homologate it into Group 4 GT so

it ran with the prototypes in Group 5 and suprised

many with a 2nd place finish in the hands of rallyman

Sandro Munari and the versitile Jean-Claude

Andruet. Even with only 190 BHP on tap the light

agile car was great on the twisty tarmac roads of

what was the last world championship Targa Florio.

Lancia returned to Sicilly in 1974 to win outright

with Larrouse + Balestrieri in the downgraded

Targa as a round of the Italian GT. Still in Group

5 Sports class against another interesting road-racer ,the Ligier-Maserati Andruet finished 3rd on

the Tour de France but then 1st on the Giro


1975 and with homologation to group 4 the car  went Rallying with great effect. It would win the Monte

Carlo rally 1975,76,77+79 , 3 World titles and

remained competitive into the 80s. The works also

went circuit racing on the 1975 European GT taking

on the Porsches. Tuner-driver Carlo Facetti ran in

5 events. Best finish was with sharing with Vittorio

Brambilla in the Monza 6 hours, qualifying 7th and

finished 4th , the only non-Carrera in the top 10.

With the works team moving into the new Group 5

Silhouette GT series the Jolly Club team ran one of

the first customer cars for Gianfranco Ricci who

with Renzo Zorzi made 8th ( 3rd in G4 ) at round 2

of the World Championship at Vallelunga. Ricci went

on to give the Stratos its first win in Italian G4 at

Varano , 3 races in Euro GT with a 3rd place at

Misano. Facetti co-drove at longer events , 6th at

the Monza 6-hours and the pair won G4 with 2nd

overall on the Targa Florio.

There were at least 4 customer cars in Italian G4 by

1977. The only world championship appearance was

at the Mugello 6-hours whenthe Jolly Club car of

Cambiaghi + Paleari made 8th ( 5th in G4 ).

A year later Claudio Magnani , with Bacchelli , won

the only G4 class win in a world championship event

for the Stratos with 11th overall at Mugello. 20

laps behind the G5 cars maybe but the Lancia was

on the same lap as Doren`s 2nd in class Porsche  

934 after 6 hours racing. Magnani went on to place

3rd on the Giro and won at Magione in Italian GT.

No international races in 1979 , Alberti and Capuzzi

regualrs in Italian G4/G5 and 8 Stratos in all on

the Giro.

A world Championship appearence ended in DNF for

Magnani at the Monza 1000 of 1980. Three G4

class wins in National events for `Mac`, Capuzzo +

Montalto as the car still featured into the next


In the US Anatoly Arutunoff had campaigned some

interesting machinery for years and was the most

consistant of any Stratos entrant making 20 IMSA

races in a distinctive yellow car in the GTU class.

Selecting some major events , usually in Florida he

ran in the Daytona 24 hours in 1977,78,79,80+82

all but the last as a world championship event. 25th

in 1979 his teams best . Also 5 times at Sebring in

1977-81 with 20th the best in 1977 and Watkins

Glen 6 hours in 1977+81 in the world Championship

with a last race , at Miami , in 1984.





ENGINE :  4 Cylinders 1425 cc single KKK turbo

POWER :   380 BHP ( 1979 ) , 410 BHP ( 1980 ) ,

                 430 BHP  ( Le Mans 1981 )

WEIGHT :  872 - 886 KGS  ( Le Mans 1981 )

TOP SPEED :   178 MPH  ( Le Mans 1981 )

0-60 MPH :  3.6 seconds

( recorded by Road + Track magazine 1981 with 400  

bhp , probably low gear set up as top speed was only

recorded at 140 mph )

Lancia Beta MonteCarlo

Lancia Stratos


(  Raced in 1976 World Championship of Makes

and 1976+77 Giro D`Italia )

 ENGINE : Ferrari V6 Cylinder 2419cc

             with KKK Turbo

POWER : 480 BHP , up to 540 at 0.8 bar

WEIGHT :   931 KGS


PRODUCTION : 2 Genuine works cars

For the brand new Group 5 season of 1976 only

BMW and Lancia had anything to challenge the

new Porsche 935. With new dramatic bodywork

from Bertone featuring a longer tail , wider rear

rear wing on a lengthened Stratos chassis , turbo

charged tuned engine by driver/ engineer Carlo

Facetti , the new Stratos silhouette car had the

hopes of many to finally match Porsche. Having

non started at the Mugello opener the car set

3rd fastest time at Vallelunga in the hands of

Facetti and F1 driver Vittorio Brambilla. Two

seconds behind the 935s but ahead of the BMW

trio and Carreras. Gearbox failure stopped it

after 185 laps in what would turn out to be its

only circuit race other than those that made up

part of the Giro D`Italia that June. Facetti in

number 598 won it by over 6 minutes to put the

car into the Italian motorsport history books.

The sister car of Pinto retired.

How sad then that at Zeltweg the car over

heated in practice , caught fire and was totally

destroyed. The second car only appeared in the

Giro the following year and was sold to the

Matsuda collection in Japan. Christian Hrabalek

purchased the car and ran it at the Goodwood

festival of Speed in 2005 in a rare public display.

That wasnt the end of the Stratos Turbo story

however as the Bob Neyret`s French Team Esso

-Team Aseptogyl toothpaste ran a Turbo Stratos

in both the 1976 and 1977 Le Mans 24 hours with

2 different all-female driver pairs. Both times

the cars qualified in 41st place and were put in

a class of odd-bod cars called GTP as the car was

neither G4 or G5. Lella Lombardi and Christine

Dacremont finished 20th overall in 1976 , 2nd in

class behind an Inaltera Sportscar. In 1977 and

again qualifying amoungst the Carreras in 41st

Christine Dacremont and Marianne Hoepfner lost

the engine after 37 laps.

In Italian GT a few Stratos had been modified

and moved up to G5 spec. Vintaloro + Runfola ran

in a few rounds in 1977 in one such car and in

1980 Nataloni had 4 podium finishes in his.

The last world championship event by a Stratos

came at the 1982 Mugello 1000 W.E.C. when

Cudognelli and Alberti made 9th overall , 4th in

G5 behind Lancia`s two most succesful circiut

cars, the Montecarlo and race-winning Group 6

sports car the Martini-sponsored LC1.



Stratos Turbo

Lancia Fulvia Sport Z

Fulvia HF



Alfa60s Lancia1 Lancia2