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GT Racecar A to Z -  

Lotus 3


Raced in FIA GT Championship 1997 , Le Mans 1997



The 1997 FIA GT series was GT racing at its extreme with  

 Mercedes CLK , McLaren F1 and Porsche GT1 evo setting

such a high standard the new Lotus Elise had little chance in

its first and only season. Despite a decent driver line-up the

car failed both in pace and in reliability over the 10 rounds.

 The Lotus Racing/Franck Muller team ran 2/3 cars for the

likes of Fabien Giroix , Jean-Denis Deletraz , Jan Lammers

and Mike Hezemans . 8th at Spa was its best finish with only

6 finishes from 18 . The team qualified one car at Le Mans

but retired. The GBF ( UK ) team did get 5th at Helsinki and

also finished 6 times from 14 starts. GBF`s drivers were

Luca Badoer , Mimo Schiatterella , Pier-Luigi Martini and

Simone Boldrini. First Racing and MVR teams failed to

finish any of the 7 starts between them.




Raced in international GT races in late 60`s, early 70`s

including Daytona 24-hours 1975,76,77 + 78

ENGINE : Renault 4 cylinder 1470cc / 1565cc ( 80 BHP )

                  Lotus Ford Twin-cam 1558cc ( 105 BHP )

PRODUCTION : 9882 ( around half with twin cam engines )

In pure GT terms the Europa had only little success across

the continent due to the lack of power from its Renault

engine. The car itself was modern and used Chapmans F1

skills for good handling and light weight.

The racing version was the `47` and used a cosworth 165

BHP engine and new gearbox plus `snorkle` air intakes.

These looked like Europas but were homolgated as either

Prototypes or Sports class cars and ran at many world

championship events. The `62` of 1969 evolved the theme

even further.

The Europa did have one fabulous final evolution as a GT car

with the Zakspeed built one-off for Harold Ertl in 1979 as

a KKK turbo-charged wide bodied Group 5 that qualified 19th

at the Nurburgring 1000 kms. The car looked great but was

a minute slower than the Zakspeed silhouette Capris with the

same engine.

Elise Sport

Elise GT1


Raced in


 POWER :                                   WEIGHT : around 900 KGS

 PRODUCTION : 1996 to date

Commercially succesful Lotus road car launched in 1996 and

redesigned for series 2 in 2000 with either Rover or Toyota 1.8

engines. Many limited editions and worldwide variants.  

Racing debut in Belcar April 1997 where the Elise regulary raced up

2002. British GT debut 2000 when Sterling Motorsport ran in 5

events in GTO class. Returned to Brit GT in a bigger way with the

GT Cup class in 2003 with 4 of the teams making the top 10 during

the season : Lanzante ( 8th ) , Team Wireless ( 9th ) , Grifo Corse

( 10th ) and RML ( 11th ).  Three teams ran in the 2004 season

Lanzante ,Kershaw Racing and Team Jedi.

Thereafter Elises raced in Australian GT ( 2005-08 ) and BRITCAR

( 2009-12 ).

Evora GT4


RACED  : British GT ( 2011- ) , Le Mans ( 2011 ) and International events including American LeMans series

ENGINE : Cosworth V6 4000 cc


The Evora made its race debut in August 2010 at the Nurburgring and entered the British GT series in 2011 with Lotus Sport UK in a season that included taking the Lotus marque  back to Le Mans with a 22nd place finish.


Lotus02 LotusEliseGT1 LotusEvora2011

The Lotus Elise peaked in British GT in the 2003 season. This is the Grifo Corse entry one of a handful of rival team cars in the GT Cup class that year.