A Historical Celebration of Road Sports Cars That Took To The Tracks...

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GT Racecar A to Z -  


 MAZDA  RX-7 Mark 1

( IMSA championship winning car )

ENGINE : Wankel Rotary 1246cc

POWER : 270 BHP @9000 RPM

( road cars had around 100 BHP )


0-60 MPH : 5.3 SECONDS


PRODUCTION : 471,018 ( 1978-85 )

( data from Road + Track Magazine - Nov 1979

of the Bob Bergstrom number 79 GTU car )

MAZDA  MX-5 GT 4  ( aka MIATA / EUNOS )

( Raced in British GT 2012 )

ENGINE : 4 Cylinder 2000 cc

POWER :  170 BHP  ( road )

WEIGHT :  approx 1120 KGS  ( road )

PRODUCTION : approx 1 million since launch in 1989.

Mark 3 since 2005.

Considering the MX5 is the biggest selling sports  

car of all time it has a suprising lack of GT    

Competition history outside its own one-make

series`. So when a single car entry from Mazda UK /  

Jota made the step up from a season in Brit Car  

2011 to run in GT4 of the 2012 British GT

championship the likeable little sports car made a  

welcome addition. It also was suprisingly the first

Mazda to appear in the UKs top GT series.

Running with a hard top the little car made the

start at 6 meetings ( 8 rounds ) in the hands of

MarkTicehurst + Owen Mildenhall. Its best finish

was 2nd in class at Snetterton against the Ginetta

G50s ( 12th overall ) though it had a moment of glory

by leading the class in the wet at Brands when the

nimble car could get its modest power down better  

than its GT4 rivals.

MAZDA  RX-7 Turbo Mark 3

ENGINE : Wankel Rotary 1246cc Twin Turbo

POWER : Road cars had 250-275 BHP

WEIGHT : approx 1050 KGS ( 1150 Road )

PRODUCTION : 68,589 ( 1992-02 )

The mark 3 was never likely to match the huge

racing success of the mark 1+2 but the pretty

mark 3 still enjoyed a decent racing history.

A very stock looking Mark 3 , sponsored by

Advan finished 12th at the 1993 Suzuka 1000

invitational one of the last ever races to run

Group C cars. With GT series based on more

production-based machinery the Mazda popped

up in a few places. In Italian GT Massimo Monti

won class 3 ahead of 3 other RX-7 drivers. In

the US Peter Farrell finished 3rd in the new

Bridgestone Supercar series in his silver turbo

RX. The combination of 2-stage twin turbos and

excellent handling made them great GT cars , if

not quite in the Supercar bracket. In Australia

the cars were succesful in endurance GT racing.

Mazda-MX5 MazdaRX7 MazdaRX7-1 MazdaRX7-2


( Class wins Daytona 24 hours 2008+10 )

ENGINE : Wankel Rotary 1246cc


WEIGHT :  approx 1350 KGS ( Road )

PRODUCTION :  2003-12

The replacement for the RX7 was the distincitivly

styled RX8 which at first glance looks like a 2-door

coupe but has small ,handle-less ,`suicide`rear

passenger doors making it technically a 4 door coupe.

Using the same rotary engine as the RX7 the car was

only a modest seller and was withdrawn in Europe in

2010 for not reaching emissions standards.

Team NRF debuted the car at the Suzuka 1000 in

2003 though it would be the US not Japan where the

car would feature mostly. The car found its place in

the GT class of the Grand-Am series and twice the

class in its premiere race the Daytona 24 hours.

The Speedsource team won GT there in 2008 with

9th overall against a host of Porsche GT3 ,Mustangs

+ 4 other RX8s. Two cars from Speedsource plus

cars from Racers Edge and Hyper Sports were the

regular cars , joined by Dempsey Racing in 2009 +

Team Sahlen in 2010.

The trio of Haskell,Tremblay + Ham won theirs and

SpeedSources 2nd GT class win at Daytona in 2010.

By 2011 nine such cars ran at Daytona but couldnt

quite beat the Porsche 997s. 2012 was the final year

in Grand-Am still with 5 cars per round.


RX-7 Mark 1

RX-7 Mark 3

MX-5 Mark 3


MAZDA  RX-7 Mark 3 ( GT 300 )

ENGINE : Wankel Rotary 1246cc Twin Turbo

POWER : Restricted to 300 BHP


The RX7 had ceased production in 2002 but in

the Japanese GT300 class cars some race cars

not only continued but the AMEMIYA RACING

teams car won the class in the hands of Tetsuya

Yamano + Hiroyoki Iiri. This stylish racer gave a

great racing career finish to a highly succesful

model in GT history.



 MAZDA  RX-7 Mark 2 ( IMSA GTO )

( IMSA championship winning car )

ENGINE : 4 Rotor 13J

POWER : up to 640 BHP @9000 RPM

( road cars had around 200 BHP in turbo form )


WEIGHT : approx 945 KGS

( road cars were between 1190 -1390 KGS )

PRODUCTION : 272,027 road cars ( 1986-91 )

The US market was big business for Mazda and

sold 86,000 of the new mark 2s in 1986. The

IMSA race programe was still the main

showcase for the car and which ran in both

GTU and increasingly in GTO. This led to the

highly developed 1990 car which on Mazdas

adverts proudly boasted `This new GTO-class

RX-7 fires up over 600 horsepower from just

160 cubic inches of naturally aspirated

engineering innovation`!