A Historical Celebration of Road Sports Cars That Took To The Tracks...

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GT Racecar A to Z -  



 Raced in :

 BPR / FIA GT1 1995 - 98 ( 21 wins )

 Won 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours outright

 British GTs 1996-99 ( 5 wins )

 Japanese GTs 1996- 03 ( 4 wins )

 Engine : V12 BMW

 McLAREN MP/4 -12c  GT3

 Raced in :

 Blancpain Endurance 2011 -12

 British GT 2011

 FIA GT1 2012

 Engine : V8  3800cc Twin Turbo

McLaren F1 GTR

McLaren MP/4-12c ( GT3 )



Raced in 1969 Sports car races )

 Engine :Chevrolet V8 cylinders 5000cc (`69)

        Chevrolet V8 5700cc ( 1981 Le Mans )

POWER :  approx 370 to 500 BHP

WEIGHT : 1031 KGS ( Le Mans 1981 )

TOP SPEED :  approx 180 MPH

PRODUCTION :  3 Genuine coupes ,

                   3 converted from Can-Am

                   several replicas

One of the most enduring and almost mystical

GT cars of al time due to the rarity and the fact

constructor/driver Bruce McLaren used one of

the 3 built as his everyday road transport prior

to his untimely death in 1970. The 1969 Can-Am

champion had commisioned Trojan engineering to

make 3 sleek Coupes based on the succesful M6

Can-am chassis. McLarens was road-registered

and later spent time in the New Zealand museum

of Transport before being aquired for the

Harry Matthews Collection. The second car did

all the racing , Dave Prophet ran in at least 5

races in 1969 , winning at the Crystal Palace

round of the Motoring News Special GT series

with a 5-litre Chevy engine. Later called a `M12`

and by 1970 the car had turned into an open

sports , still with Prophet driving and run by

Bill Bradley. Later owned by Andrew Fournier ,

Gilles St.Pierre in Canada and restored back

to its origional coupe form by new owner James

Edwards. The 3rd car was a publicity car for

Trojan and featured in Road + Track and was

owned by Roger Pitts.

5 more open cockpit M6/M12s were converted

to coupe form ( GT ) , though 2 have reverted

back. The George Eaton M12 was one and is now

in the Rosso Bianco collection in Germany. The

M12 run by `Great Western Champagne`was

another as was the Leonard Janke M6

converted in 1978.

So to 1981 and a suprise entry at Le Mans was

a black M12 GT chassis 60-15 from Paul Canary

and Z+W Enterprises. Still in its pure 1969

shape with no downforce aids at all. Herve

Regout and Michel Elkoubi couldnt get a lap time

below 5 minutes 13 so 62nd wasnt enough to

make the start for the GTP classed car. It was

a similar story at Road America when Canary +

John Gunn were put into the top IMSA class

GTX the Porsche 935 variants and Lola T600s.

setting 47th time should have been good enough

with 50 to start. Ahead of the GTU boys like

Follmer`s Celica , Downing`s RX-7 and the

Arutonoff Stratos. The car was a non-starter

however and this was the closest it came on the

IMSA circuit after twice being well off the

qualifying pace at Sebring , 1981+1984.

The M6 GT remains very highly regarded and as

one of the great what might have been cars. The

car has had several replicas built from firms

such as Tornado Cars ( UK / Canada ) and the

US Warp Five `Montage`.



M6 GT / M12 GT

Proving the GT M6 seems to be more desirable than the can-am winning open cars . This is the Martin Bolsover car that was campaigned in so many historic races in the UK + Europe...the 5.7 car photographed at the Shelsey Walsh Hill climb...`"Martin was extremely quick to point out that his car is not original. It had been raced very successfully in historic events around Europe as an M6 Can-Am car. “When I was finished racing it as a Can-Am car I wanted to keep it, so I converted it into an M6GT,” he explained. “I got a lot of help from Peter Agg, who was the chap in charge of Trojan at the time they were building the customer cars [for Mclaren].”

In Bolsover’s own words, the M6GT is a ‘hairy monster with 650 bhp, no electronics and heavy handling.”

This is the ex-David Prophet race car from 1969 , that had its roof removed for the 1970 Interseries but was restored to its origional coupe style. One of only 3 genuine coupes.

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