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( Raced in WCM 1977+78 )

ENGINE : Rover V8 Cylinders 3900cc



PRODUCTION : 2591 ( 1973-76 )

When Daimler dealers Stratstone expanded into

all other Leyland upmarket cars they built a race

car to advertise the fact. As reported in May

1976 by Autosport the car was the MGB GT with

a lightened chassis by Chas Beattie , wide arches

to accomodate the 12 inch rear tyres at the back

Under the bonnet the Rover V8 been bored to

3900cc by Weslake with 4-choke Holley Carb

amoungst the modifications.

Running in Group 5 the blue car appeared in 3

rounds of the World Championship of Makes ,all

home ones , as part of the supporting cast to

the Porsche v BWM battle at the sharp end of

the field. Qualifying 15th on its debut at the

Silverstone 6 hours 1977 it was 6 and half

seconds slower than the 14th place car but the

team of Bob Neville and Derek Worthington

brought it home 8th , 33 laps down on the 1st

place car. The 3 points gained would be teh last

ones for this fading marque who had contributed

so much to GT racing , going way back to Tazio

Nouvolari on the Mille Miglia and earlier.

The car reappeared twice in the 1977 series at

Silverstone ( DNF ) and Brands ( 16th ).

The V8 MGs have though enjoyed many a fine

season in British Clubsport and still race 30

years later with some car having had the V8

fitted retrospectivly.


MGB GT V8 in the World Championship of Makes

MGC in the World Sportscar Championship


fabulous MGB GT V8 still racing in 2012


ENGINE : BMC 4 Cylinders 1798 cc



PRODUCTION : 399,070 ( 1962-80 )



( Raced in World Sports cars 1968-70 )

ENGINE : BMC 6 Cylinders bored to 2968cc

POWER :  202 BHP @6000 RPM


PRODUCTION : 9002 road cars ( 1967-69 )

The relativly short-lived 6 Cylinder MGs are very

much sort after and revered with the lightweight

factory GTS race cars particulary admired. Rally

legend Paddy Hopkirk and MG stalwart Andrew

Hedges ran in the Sebring 12 hours in both 1968

( 10th overall ) and 1969 ( 15th ) in the World

Sports Car Championship. The cars were deemed

too far modified from the production MGCs that,

ridiculouly, they were obliged to run in the 3-litre

`Prototype` class against Porsches , Ferraris and

Alfa prototypes even though the cars were fully

road legal and had ( now famous ) number plates on

them. Still 4 finishes in 4 entries in the world

championship ( see table ) proved the car`s speed

and reliability. John Chatham took 6th in class on

the Targa Florio behind 5 Porsche 908`s .