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Modsports 70`s

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Lotus Elan

Then as now in UK Club Motorsport. The Lotus Elan was probably the winningest car in the 1970s Modsport scene. This could be from 1976 but in fact the photo was taken in 2012 and the cars still look great 35-odd years later...

Companies like Morgan and Marcos didnt have the budgets to compete on the world scene against Porsche in 1970`s Group 5. Later in the late 90`s they would have a go but back then both enjoyed home success in `Modsports`

* indicates largest capacity class


Points awarded per class 4-3-2-1 plus 1 point

for fastest lap per class. 1980 season the best

14 rounds from the 17 counted. Classes of upto

1150cc , upto 1500cc , upto 2000cc and over


BARC Modified Sports Car Championship `Modsports`

BRSCC Modified Sports Car Championship `Modsports`



extreme TVR Modsport car

from 1973 that ended in


MODSPORTS Datsun240z

At least 3 drivers built their reputations on the Modsport scene before going on to international fame :

Win Percy ( with Datsun ) photo right, Steve Soper 

( Fiat ) and Jonathan Palmer ( Marcos )