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 MORGAN AERO 8    ( GT 2 )

( Raced at Le Mans , British GT Championship )

ENGINE :   BMW-Mader  V8 Cylinders  3999 cc

POWER :   575 BHP  

WEIGHT :   1147   KGS  

TOP SPEED :   170 MPH  

( data from Le Mans 2002 )


Aero  8


 ( Raced in British GT , BPR GT Championship )

 ENGINE : V8 5000 cc

 POWER : 385 BHP @6500 rpm ( with restrictor )



 PRICE : approx #50, 000 ( 1995 )

Plus 8 GTR

MorganPlus http://www.aero-racing.co.uk/vintagehome.html


( Raced in both British Modsports and Prodsports )

 ENGINE :  Rover V8 Cylinders  3532 cc

 POWER :   155 ( Road )  , 320 ( Modsports )

WEIGHT :      

( 160 per tonne - road / 485 -mod )

TOP SPEED : 124 MPH ( Road ) ,170 MPH (Mod )

PRICE :  5961 ( 1978 ) , 9780 ( 1981 )

( road car data from Autocar test 1978 , Modsport  

data from `Sporting Car`Magazine 1981 )

 Company founder Grandson Charles Morgan led by

example in the late 70s racing the firms V8 model

in `Prodsports`or Production Sports Cars to give its

full title.These were a popular club level series in

the 70s with clubs BRSCC and BRDC both running

their own series`. Morgan won the 1978 BRDC series

outright and his class in the BRSCC in `78+`79 with

a light blue convertible.

Taking the theme a stage further was Rob Wells who

ran a highly-tuned V8 to win the STP Modspodsports

series outright for Modified ( road ) Sportscars in

1981. His light blue car featured a hardtop , wide  wheel arches and rear spoiler , registered `MMC 3`.

These timeless cars continue to race at club level

up to today. The V8 had more success under Colin

Musgrave ( see Tony Dron article below ).

Plus 8

MorganGT2 MorganGT2

Tony Dron track tested the new GT2 car at Silverstone for Complete Car Magazine ( May 1995 ) and reported the differences over previous racing Plus 8s...

`Fearesome and effective Morgan racers have been with us for some time now, with most of theleading specialists taking their own paths , vying with each to develop the ultimate race winner. In the early 90`s I raced Colin Musgrave`s Plus 8 : that car was capable of shooting to 160mph or more with incredible acceleration. And racing Morgans have become even more powerful since then thanks to further engine development , mainly by John Eales.

Colin Musgrave`s car was probaly the most exciting I have ever raced. We scored several good wins and lap records in it but you could feel the old vintage-style girder chassis twisting in protest. It leapt about like a wild animal but even so , it put it`s power down suprisingly well , so long as you understood it , and that old pillar-frame front suspension gave it phenomenal stopping power.You could outbrake almost anything with complete confidence.`

`Although the new car looks almost idential at first glance , it is utterly different under the skin...and already it works far better Charles Morgan proved that in his first competitive outing with the car , late last year ( 1994 ). First time out at a race meeting it was a shattering 10-seconds-per=lap faster round Silverstone GP circuit than the identical looking traditionally based morgan racers, which have the the same highly develpoed V8 engines and are driven by talented experts.`

The GT2 racer was the first Morgan with an aluminium monocoque chassis and all round independent suspension. Modern thinking to compete in modern day GT racing. But the bodywork was classic , unmistakable Morgan. The car took Morgan into topline GT racing and won many admirers along the way...

RIGHT : In Parc Ferme at Silverstone after mixing it with the worlds best GT cars .The Morgan sitting neatly between Porsche and Lotus rivals.



Plus 4



Morgan +8 modsport