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GT Racecar A to Z -  

Nissan / Datsun

 NISSAN GTR      ( GT 3 )

 ( raced in Brit GT 2011-12 , FIA GT 2013 )

 ENGINE : V6 3800 cc Turbo




 The RJN Motorsport Team`s GTR gave Nissan its first

 ever Brit GT victory in the series` closest ever finish.

 Alex Buncombe and Jann Mardonborough taking the very

 narrowist of victories at Brands Hatch in 2012. Young

 Mardonborough having no previous racing experience but

 had won Nissan`s Scholarship to take Playstation virtual

 game players and put them into racecars !


 ( Homologated to Group N for 1990 , Japan GT 1993- )


 POWER : 276 BHP in group N form , up to 500 in GT spec



PRODUCTION : 43,394 R32s in all guises 1989-95

 Hugely succesful in Group N touring cars where the cars

 bullet proof engine , aerodynamic package and fantastic

traction proved  formidable.

Won in Japan , Australia including Bathurst ,Spa 24 hours

and in the UK Production Saloons with Andy Middlehurst  

who gave Nissan its Brit GT debut with a one-off drive in


In 1993 Japan launched its new GT series and the blue  

Calsonic Nismo car of Masahiko Kageyama won the GT

class in all 4 rounds. This GTR differed from the fleet of

Group N GTRs most noticibly by its roof-high rear spoiler ,

deeper front air damp and side skirts. The extra power

eqated to Fuji lap times of 2mins 15 against 2mins 29 at

the 1000 kms race , the Group N running in their own

class. This was the first of the R32/33 GT cars that would

win so many races in Japan over the next 10 years or so.




NISSAN R 390   ( GT 1 )




 DATSUN 240 Z Super Samuri ( Group 4 )

( Raced in World Championship of Makes 1977 )

 ENGINE : 6 Cylinders   2393 cc

POWER :  223 BHP

WEIGHT : ( 215 BHP per Tonne )


0-60 MPH :    6.2 Seconds

( `Motor` test data - July 1978 )

Datsun 240Zs were modified in various countries

and in the UK one tuner in particular was highly

regarded. Spike Anderson tuned Z cars and they

were known as Samuri cars ( mis-spelling the word

Samurai ). The most succesful of his cars that went

racing was `Big Sam`, the car that launched the

career of the popular Win Percy. With slightly wider

arches , a rounded front spoiler , tripple Delorto

carbs ( 250 bhp ) and Can-Am brakes Percy won the

3 litre class of the 1974 BARC Modsports series.

This helped Percy step up into touring cars for `75

and became a 3-time champion. Other `Sams` had

220 bhp with triple weber carbs. When the new

World Championship of Makes came to the UK in 1977

for Silverstone ( may ) + Brands Hatch ( sep ) Spike

entered the first Super Samuri car , FFA 196L , his  

own , everyday transport , for publicity for the

business. This had been a works Rally car until

aquired in 1973. In group 4 GT against turbo Porsche

934s it was always going to struggle but it marks one

of the last cars to have driven to an international

race , raced and then driven home afterwards being

road-legal. Clive Richardson and journalist/driver

Jeremy Walton failed to set any real time so started

29th and last at Silverstone. Still running after 6

hours the pair were not classified. At Brands Win

Percy joined Richardson as if to repay Anderson`s

assistance in his new career in tin-tops. Qualifying

20th of 22 in 1`45.3 the race was wet which helped

level things up a little until an accident after 29 laps

ended the teams run. The car may not have driven

driven home that day but it was repaired and I

photographed it in the Donington paddock in the late

80`s ( left ).


Datsun 240 Z



NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GTR ( Falken Tires )

 ( Raced in Nurburgring 24 hours 1999-05 )

ENGINE : 6 Cylinders 2771cc

 ( Nismo Nurburgring special engine )

POWER : limited by regs to 500 BHP@4800



0-60 MPH : approx 3.9 seconds

( data from Banzai Magazine 2003 )

 The association between the Falken high

performance tire and the Nissan Skyline R34

gained both positive publicy with runs in the

gruelling Nurburgring 24 hours from 1999 to

2005 inclusive. The Falken team ran a Group

N GTR from the Japanese Endurance series

( Super Tiakyu ) with a purpose built Nismo

endurance engine. The team recorded 5th in

2002 and Banzai Magazine followed the team

in 2003. The crew were Japan pair Kinoshita

+ Tanaka with ex-DTM racer Roland Asch and

Belgian-born Skyline test driver/racer Dirk

Schoysman. The car qualified 44th out of a

staggering 254 cars and climbed to 3rd before

delayed by a con rod failure from a seized

clutch. The Falken team still use the race for

publicity , more recently with Porsche. Several

videoss on Youtube about this Skyline exist.