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( Raced in British GT 2011 + 12 )





The origional Chevron company became world renown

for their racing sportscars particulary from 1967-75.

The B8 was a popular car in the late 60`s ,the stylish

B16 Coupe and subsiquant open 2-litre Sports races

ran at LeMans and just about everywhere else. The

brand had faded in the new century though , making a

small number of `continuation`models of their old

designs for track days. Its hard to say quite how

Chevrons have been road registered , few enough to

class any of the models as production GTs.

So when driver/businessman David Witt aquired

Chevron Cars Limited he wanted to build and race a

new product. The GR8 was the first `new` design

from Chevron since 1986 and is a 21st century version

of the B8. Making its debut in October 2010 the car

was accepted into the British GT Championship but

only as an `Invitational` entry until the sales of road

cars in the future allow full homologation. A nearly full

season in 2011 saw a 2-car entry and just a single

retirement in 7-races and its best finish of 12th from

healthy grids was reached 4 times during the season.

The little GR8 was a great sight in fact , with flames

belching out on the downshifts ( see photo above menu)

The works team returned for 2012 and again had on

board the vastly expereinced driver Anthony Reid to

help the team. Again only a single DNF from 2 cars at

5 British GT rounds showed reliability , with a best of

7th at Snetterton. Elsewhere `Track Torque`and

Jensen Lunn both ran cars in Brit Car and were joined

in 2013 by the works team. The cars run in either

GT3 or GT4 spec and are built in a new facility in




( Raced in British GT 1996 , Club racing )

When Lotus sold the rights of production to the

 Caterham Company for the `Seven` in 1973 it was

just the beginning of the UKs romance with this

classic minimalistic sports car. By the 1990s rival

firms , having changed their interpritation on the

design enough to avoid design copyright issues took

the concept to another level. Cars like the Dax Rush

 and Westfield Seight had V8 Rover engines and

offered supercar acceleration and exilleration for a

fraction of the price. A decade later all these main

players were fitting high-reving bike engines to keep

the power-to-weight ratios as low as possible.

However the David v Goliath potential of these cars

in mainstream GT racing has rarely been allowed as

organisers have tended ban them running alongside

Porsches and Ferraris etc. The only `Seven-esque`

car to make it into the British GT series was the

Mike Smith run Westfield Seight who made 2 races

late in the 1996 season in GT3.  Smith and veteran

club racer Tony Lanfranchi took the yellow machine

to a fine 3rd overall at Snetterton on its debut and

13th at Silverstone.






( raced in British GT 1996 + numerous own  

Championships )

 ENGINE : Vauxhall 4 Cylinder 1995 cc



( data for Tangent Motorsports Brit GT car 1996 )

 Caterham Cars , based in the Surrey town of

Caterham until 1987 aquired the rights to build the

Lotus Seven in 1973. In built or kit form these cars

have proved to be the most prolific sellers of all the

`7 style` roadsters after 40 years in the business.

The company`s motorsport heritage at UK club level

is phenominal. The company run , not one single-make

series but five ! from Acedemy up to Superlight and

seemingly every visit to a race meeting in the UK in

the last 20 years would have Caterhams on the bill.

Briefly in the mid-90s the Caterham 7 JPE held the

`production car` fastest accelerating car record with

0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds.

Caterham`s havnt featured much in the British GT

series but the then GT3 rules of 1996 tempted one

or two to join in. Autosport reported at the time `Caterham cars gained a lot of prestige from sunday`s  

Privilege Insurance GT opener in which Clive Richards

and Simon Duerden brought a modified Vauxhall

Challenge car ,powered by a 230 bhp SB

Developments engine , home third in the GT3 class.`

( tho my records indicate 2nd in class in 7th )...

`Tangent Motorsport`s Clive Denham converted the

car in a week-fitting a 90-litre FIA bag tank in the

passenger well-and intends to run it in future rounds`

2nd in class at R2 Donington also followed. Keith

McKenzie also ran his car in the class , appearing at 5


For their contribution to UK motorsport in getting so

many drivers into the sport its a shame the marque

have not been able to race at a higher level of GT

more often.



Westfield SE

a WESTFIELD SE at Donington Park 2012

Chevron2012 Noble westfieldSEi









( Raced in UK Modsports , Special GTs 1969-90+ )

 ENGINE : ( typically ) IMP 4 Cylinder 998 or 1142 cc