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( Raced in World Championship for Makes 1973, IMSA

events 1974 )

ENGINE : V8 Cylinders  2498 CC

POWER :   230 BHP ( Road )

TOP SPEED : 139 MPH ( Road )

WEIGHT :  1270 KGS  ( Road )

PRICE :   5550 ( UK ) 1972

PRODUCTION : 3917  ( 1970-77 ) not sold in US

Styled by Bertones Marcello Gandini the aggressive

looking 2+2 coupe took its name after the concept cars debut at the 1967 Montreal Expo. Production started

in 1970 and by 1973 at a time when every GT race team owners seemed to be buying the Porsche RSR two such bucked the

trend and ran Alfa`s new sports car , the Montreal.

Dieter Gleich under the Alfa Romeo Deutschland

banner gave the car its world championship debut at

the 1973 Nurburgring 1000 kms. The Green car

loked great with its wheel arches and black air-scoop

but only qualified 44th out of 52. Autosport reported

`the Alfa effort was a very professional one and

although the car looked rather frightening on the road

its two drivers Dieter Gleich and Dieter Weizinger did

a good job, but after various engine problems the car

just failed to qualify...however it did eventually make

the start like everyone else`. The car retired as it

did later in the Euro GT race at Hockenheim but a

brave effort.

Across the Atlantic Bert Everett`s Bobcor team had

aquired one aswell and recriuted Alfa veteran

Theodoro Zeccolli for the Watkins Glen 6-hour race.

Everett himself a 5-time Daytona 24 hour vet with

various Porsches and had ran Alfa GTAs in 2-litre Trans Am. No qualifying time was set but the car started only to

be the first retirement thanks to its gearbox after

10 laps. The yellow car did race 4 times in 1974 including a return to the Glen with John Morton  assisting Everett. Again setting no time but starting and sadly lasting only 6 laps this time before engine failure. Disapointing having placed 27th at the opening IMSA round the Road Atlanta 6-hours for Everett and Nichter.

So a refreshingly different but unsuccesfull effort.

Alfa Romeo Montreal

GLEICH car photo...


EVERETT car photo...


Maserati MC 12

Fiat X1-9

FIAT X1-9 Silhouette by DALLARA

( Raced in World Championship of Makes

1977-1981 )

 ENGINE : 4 Cylinder 1290cc/1498cc

POWER :  61/ 85 BHP ( road )

                  192/ 200+ BHP ( Dallara cars )

 WEIGHT : 937/ 912 KGS ( road )

                    approx 650 KGS ( Dallara )

TOP SPEED : 90/ 112 MPH ( road )

PRODUCTION : 140,500 by Fiat ( 1972 ) 

  + further 19,500 by Bertone ( 1983-89 )

 When the Bertone-designed X1-9 was launched in

1972 the mid-engined layout ,`wedge`body with

pop-up headlights was state of the art design.20

years later of course it looked dreadfully dated

but it sold well. Walter Dona debuted the first

race version in April 1973 and Scuderia Citta Dei

Mille ran one in the Monza Euro GT round in both

1973+74 plus giving its debut in the German DRM

GT series in August 1974. Rally duo Bacchelli +

Sodano finished 8th ,from 3 cars entered on the

`74 Tour-de-France , 2 cars retiring on the Giro

D`Italia , one driven by Cley Regazzoni.

 Then in 1977 the Dallara Company started a

small batch of race-versions which kick-started

the cars race career back into life. With only a

1300 cc engine the cars were tuned to the

edge of reliability in an attempt to be competitive

 The little car made only 5 finishes from the 17

starts in the World Championship of Makes. Even

when the cars got the 1600cc engine for 1978 it

was still up against a gaggle of 2000cc BMW 320s

in that smaller Group 5 silhouette class.

Robert Curatolo`s white Dallara version ran with

a large rear spoiler and having debuted the car in

the series at Mugello in 1977 gained the first of

its 2 class wins with an 8th overall at Vallelunga.

The other class win was at the same , equally

poorly supported Vallelunga round in 1979 when

 the class opposition was absent.

Giuseppe Piazzi ran another ( yellow ) Dallara car

at 14 WCM races with the help of Renzo Zorzi who

had dropped from racing a F1 Shadow in 1977.

Along with that 2nd Vallelunga class win the team

only made the finish 3 times in those gruelling 6

hours events but to their credit kept coming back

 Piazzi running 6 rounds in 1980 including Brands.

That season saw a class win on the Giro d`Italia

when Cerutti + Pardini finished a fine 4th and

 by then at least 6 X1-9s were contesting in

 Italian G4 or G5 events. International events

wound down but as many as 15 appeared at the

Enna National race in September 1981.

In the UK Modsports series Steve Soper burst

on to the scene in 1980 with a X1-9 run by

Radbourne racing setting new fastest laps at

nearly every circiut on his way to a class win in the

STP series and outright in the Donington GT in

1981. Soper would go on to become the best

Touring car driver of his generation and the car

was at home in the shorter sprint races on more

twisty tracks where the cars fine handling could

be expolited in the right hands. According to the

Sporting Fiats Club ( UK ) the Soper car used a

stroked 1500cc engine with Cosworth pistons ,

16-valve Dallara heads + twin weber carbs to get

some 184 bhp out ,over twice the standard figure

and that the car weighed just 600 KGS giving an

impressive 306 bhp per tonne figure.


FIAT X1-9 record in World Championship of Makes ( Group 5 )