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GT Racecar A to Z -  

Porsche Front-Engined Cars

Porsche 928 s / 928 GTS



( Raced at LeMans + BPR  1994, IMSA 1995-96 )

ENGINE : 4 Cylinder Porsche 2990 cc Turbo

POWER :  340 BHP ( Le Mans )

             380 BHP ( ADAC GT sprint races )

 WEIGHT : Le Mans GT2 min was 1050kgs


Not to be confused with other 968s at the time

the Porsche factory built 4 Turbo RS racers in

1993 for the new GT era that was exploding into

life. 3 of them went racing with Joest Racing

buying 2 ( `063`+`065`) for Manuel Reuter in

the new ADAC GT series in 1993. `063` was sold

to Roock Racing for the next season but `065`

was sold to Seikel Racing for the fast PRO-AM

duo of John Nielsen + banker Thomas Bscher to

race in the new BPR Euro series. 9th at

Vallelunga was the best finish of the 4 rounds

but the yellow car also ran at Le Mans. The team

added Lindsay Owen-Jones and qualified 15th out

of 21 GT2 cars , 39th overall. The car was maybe

overshadowed in publicity terms by the likes of

the F40s ,Vipers ,Bugatti ,Dauer in the best GT

field for years but steadily climbed to 6th in  

class before L O-J went off at Tertre Rouge

just before midnight. All 3 of these drivers went

onto win GT races outright in McLaren F1s.

Motoring News reported  `No boost on first day  

source 0.9 bar rather than 1.2 thereafter -

somewhat conservative by its usual ADAC GT

spec ( 340bhp rather than 380 ).`This car`065`

was sold on to American Lloyd Hawkins who took

it to 18th overall at the 1995 Sebring 12 hours

and 4 more IMSA rounds including 3 in 1996 with

future Porsche GT regualr David Murry.

The other car to compete in the 1994 BPR was

the Mulsanne Racing `062`car for dutchman

Erik Henriksen and Justin `son of Derek`Bell .

They raced in 5 rounds and made 6th overall at

Dijon , 2nd in class against the Ferrari 348s ,

Carrera RSRs and Esprit opposition. The car

being advertised in Autosport Jan 1995 with 365

bhp `with standard chip`.