A Historical Celebration of Road Sports Cars That Took To The Tracks...

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GT Racecar A to Z -  


C.A.E ( Carson Automotive Engineering ) CORSE

 ( Raced in British GT + Auto-Italia Championships )

ENGINE : Alfa Romeo 164





( Raced in British GT 1997 + 98 )

ENGINE : Chevy V8 Cylinders




 The iconic Lamborghini Countach had an almost

non- existant racing career so when UK kit-car

maker Mirage teamed with RGS Motorsport to

race a bright yellow Countach replica it was a

very welcome addition. The team were up

against the might of the GT1 super cars like the

McLaren F1 and Porsche GT1. The team had a

tough 1997 with Gary Ward , the former Honda

NSX racer suffering DNFs in all 5 races in the

British GT series. 1998 was better with 4

finishes from 4 and a best at the last race at

Silverstone in 8th , all the more admirable as

Ward drove solo

 GARDNER DOUGLAS 427 ( 1996/97 ) /

427 GT ( 2000/01 )

( Raced in British Sports + GT Championships )

ENGINE : Chevy 350ci 5700cc V8 Cylinders

POWER : 500BHP @6700 rpm

( GT had bored 6000cc version giving 550 BHP )

WEIGHT : ballasted up to minimum reg 1080 KGS

( 2000 ) 950 KGS without.

TOP SPEED : 175 MPH ( 1997 )


Established in Nottinghamshire in 1990 by Andrew

Burrows this company has an excellent reputation in

 the industry for its high quality 1960s replicas. 

 Heather Bailey became the works driver and joined

 BRSCC Historic Replica series in 1994 in the

companys Cobra 427 replica product to compete

with similar products from rival companys like

Dax and Ram. It was a great series and showcased

the finest replica sports cars Britain offered , not

just Cobra but GT40s , Jaguar C + D types etc.

Heather ( now McAlpine finishing 2nd in 1995.

Nick Taylor became the works driver for 1996 in

what was renamed the Sports + GT Challenge to

continue the good work in the blue Chevy-powered

racer. This proved to be a dominant combination ,

Taylor with 12 outright wins in 21 starts + 6 times

runner-up to comfortably win the 1996+97 series`.

The team had 1998 off , raced and won the 3 races

entered in 1999 and returned fully in 2000 after

putting there racing development into the road

cars. The 2000 was known as the GT and was

featured in both Kit Car Magazine and CCC mag

( Mark Hales track testing it ). The chassis had

been strengthend but a new carbon-fibre body with

perferated bonnet brought the weight down by 100

kgs. The Chevy V8 bored to give more torque. The

team didnt make every round and Burrows had to

replace Taylor when the works driver had a broken

foot. It all came good in 2001 when Taylor secured

his and Gardner Douglas` third title.

GD continue to build this and other exciting sports

cars , see link , aswell as race when possible.