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Engine : Audi V6 2995 cc twin turbo

Power : 500 BHP +

Weight : 1100 kgs

Top Speed : approx 180 MPH

Raced in : Spanish GT ( 2004-06 )

Highest finish : 2nd

The dramatic Seat Cupra GT Concept car    

, styled by Walter De Silva debuted at

the 2003 Barcelona Motor Show. A few

chassis were built but not enough for the

car to gain FIA homologation so it raced

only in Spanish National GT and its spin

off european `Open GT` series.

History :

Two cars entered the 2004 Spanish GT

series , the CC Valenciana car for Jose  

Valero /Aspar and the Darro car for

Jordi Gene / Gines Vivantos . Gene set 1

pole position and 3 fastest laps but had

to settle for 2nd and then 3rd as the

Cupra best finishes , that coming at the

double-header Round 4 at Valencia. It

ran in GTA alongside FIA cars such as

Marcos , Ferrari Modena , Porsche GT2 ,

Mosler , Viper and another non FIA car

the Peugeot 406 Silhouette.

For 2005 a lone car from the Antonio

Navarro team for Tomas Saldano and

Valero scored only a best finish of 8th in

the 4 rounds ( 7 races ) entered.

Sun Red ran a pair of GTs in 2006 in

the Spanish and the European Open GT

series. Vivantos partnered Gene or Joan

Vinyes in car 11 , Ni Amorim and Manuel

Giao , then Valero and Saldana in car 10.

A consistant finisher but usuallly out of

the top 10 , 7th being the season best.


A single GT2 car also ran in 2006 from

RSV Motorsport for Michel Ligonnet and

Ronald Severin in the same events as the

Sun Red cars. The RSV qualifying slighlty

slower on its debut than the two older

cars and 11th was its best finish from 6

finishes out of 8 starts.