A Historical Celebration of Road Sports Cars That Took To The Tracks...

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GT Racecar A to Z -  

TVR 1960-90


 TVR TUSCAN V6  ( Series 1 )

 Raced in British Modsports , early 1970`s

 Engine : FORD ZODIAC V6

 Power :   190 BHP

 The Tuscan is identifiable by its twin nostril

 intakes on its lower bonnet. No international racing

 of note but in 1971 Modsports Brian Hough won 

 both the STP and Chevron Oils Championships in his

 blue Tuscan. This was practically the swansong for

 the classic TVR bodyshape before a new design

 was launched for the new decade.Hough`s car , as

 reported in Autosorts 1971 Anual ran a Ford V6

 with a Jeff Uren conversion , giving 190 horses.

 Bodywork wise it featured flared wheelarches to

 accomodate the racing wheels and tires , plus an

 extra bonnet scoop.That car was sold to Ed Stephens

and Hough bought the V8 Modsport Tuscan of Ian

Richardson with even wilder bodywork. Hough jointly

won the big class in Blue Circle Modsports in 1973 justt

before a fatal crash at Thruxton in late October in the  





IMG_0012 TVRTaimar

3000 M

TVR 3000 M

( Raced in British Prodsports in mid-70`s )

ENGINE :  Ford V6 Cylinders   2994 cc

POWER :   200 BHP



UK PRICE :   $3990  ( 1976 )

Two `Euro Burgess`sponsored 3000Ms raced in the 1976

British Prodsport series campaigned by Colin Blower and

Rod Gretton.

420 SEAC


( Raced in British Prodsports in mid-80`s )

ENGINE :  Rover V8 Cylinders   4227 cc

POWER :   300+ BHP


TOP SPEED :  approx 165 MPH ( road )

UK PRICE :     ( 1986 )

PRODUCTION : 1986-88 around 40 SEACs built

The 80s were GTs `wilderness years` and many of the

UK companies that had raced in the 60s and indeed the

90s struggled to find any race series to promote new

models through motorsport. TVR were about the last of

these companies to run in the declining `Prodsports`

series. The 420 SEAC ( Special Equipment Aramid

Composite ) was an evolution of their 420 SE sports car

and used a Kevlar composite body saving 100 kgs in body

weight. Steve Cole raced a yellow factory developed car

in the 1986 BARC North-West Sports/Saloons series

winning 19 out of 24 races in the Production class often

against modified Astons , Capris and Esprits.

Cole would go on to race in the TVR Tuscan series and

as the 90s wore on the British GT for the company.


( Raced in International events in 1960`s )

ENGINE :  Ford,BMC or Climax 4 Cylinders

                   BMC MGA-engine 1588cc ( Sebring 1962 )

                   BMC MGA-engine 1622cc ( Le Mans 1962 )




UK PRICE :   1200 pounds built ( inc tax )

                   or 998 in component form ( no tax ) 1966

 ( in comparison an MGB was 855 with same engine )

PRODUCTION : approx 758 ( all types ) 1958-67

TVR`s first serious production car and the entry level

model that put the little ,Blackpool-based sports car

company on the world map.

The car debuted on the tracks in 1959 but really arrived

internationally with a 3-car works team at the Sebring 12

hours of 1962. The 1600cc GT was full of British sports

car not just after a class win but lucrative US sales

promotion via racing. Dan Gurney won the class in a racing

Porsche and behind the Sunbeam Alpines and MGAs ,whose

engines the TVRs used the surving Grantura finished 8th

in class. Little did the team know that 25-year driver

Mark Donohue , an SCCA club driver who had raced a Elva

the previous 2 seasons would become one of top drivers in

the world by the decades end. That april he won 5 club

races in one day at Lime Rock in his Grantura. In June the

works ran and retired at Le Mans with Peter Bolton and

Ninian Sanderson running the new 1622cc MGA engine but

obliged to run in the 2-litre Prototype class. Later the

works placed 11th at the Tourist Trophy with Keith

 Ballisat driving.

 Returning to Sebring in 1963 R.M.Imports were now

running the works cars in the US and again Donohue

headed a 3-car team but none were to finish. TVR placed

18th on both the TT and Bridgehampton 500 races as the

reputation of the marque increased. 

 John Gaston ran a car on the Nurburgring 1000 in 1964

as did Peter Clarke in 1967 as the car was just in the

hands of privateer races by the mid-60`s. In the UK

Tommy Entwistle and John Wingfield were regular

competitors as the car now had the 1800cc MGB unit.

With the car now replaced by the Vixen Arthur Mollin

gave the Grantura 3 more world Championship

appearances stateside in 1968 , retiring though at

Daytona , Sebring and Watkins Glen in the Sports class.

Granturas are regualr historic racers in the 21st

century and the car set TVR on its way both on and off

the track.

Grantura - MG