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GT Racecar A to Z -  

Viper by Chrysler

 CHRYSLER VIPER GTS-R ( based on Viper 2 `GTS`

( FIA GT1 1996 , FIA GT2 1997-03 )

( Raced in FIA GT 1996-03 , National GT series to 2006 )

 ENGINE : Chrysler V10 Cylinders 7986cc

POWER : road cars had 415-450 BHP



 PRODUCTION : APPROX 10,000 ( 1996 - 2002 )


Viper GTS-R

GT02-13 GT02-12 GT02-11 GT02-14 BGT8821 IMG_0011

Dodge Viper RT/10


( Raced at Le Mans 1994 )

 ENGINE : Chrysler V10 Cylinders 7990cc

POWER :limited to approx 550BHP @5700rpm

          with 39.8mm restrictors.  

                road car had 400 BHP

 WEIGHT : 1340kgs ( Le Mans )

                 road cars were 1400kgs

TOP SPEED : 208 MPH ( Le Mans )*

 PRODUCTION : 1992-95 

Before the Viper developed into a race winner it

all started at Le Mans in 1994 with a pair of

RT-10s run by Gilles Gaignault`s `Rent-a-Car`

team. These were fitted with hard tops as the

RT-10 was an open car in production form. Justin

 Bell had been promoting the car for Chrysler UK

and was asked to join the driver line up of French

drivers that inclded Ex-F1 man Rene Arnoux with

him in the orange car. The yellow sister car had

the veteran Francois Migault and Philippe Gache.

With their rumbling monster 8-litre engines the

cars were a hit with the fans.These monster push

rod V10 were prepared by Luigi Cimarosti in

Belgium and their 700+BHP potential was cut

back to 550 for the race. The cars` weight cost

them in qualifying. 41st and 47th ,the yellow car

actually non-qualifying but allowed to start if it

pit shared. Running in GT1 , 16 GT2 cars set

better times but both cars survived to finish

despite both losing half of their gears. Bell was

interviewed by American Car World and said

`the handling is fantastic , the power exceptional

...its got so much grunt`. When asked what speed

down the Mulsanne he was reaching `before we

lost sixth gear,208 MPH` . Racecar Magazine

quoted 184 MPH , presumably after the car had

lost its high gears. Despite this both cars took

the flag , though the yellow car was disqualified

for completing the last lap to slowly in 18th. The

orange car finished a fine 12th despite a 40

minute disc change and would have won GT1 but

for the controversial Dauer GT1 962 hybrid that

won overall + 3rd. The Viper legacy had begun.



SRT VIPER GTS-R ( 5th generation )

ENGINE : Chrysler V10 Cylinders 8400cc

POWER : road car have 650 BHP

WEIGHT : road cars are 1500+kgs